Long before the Roots were known solely as Jimmy Fallon’s backing band, they worked with a young soul artist named Cody Chesnutt on a song called The Seed. Chesnutt went on to release a double disc lo-fi follow-up entitled “The Headphone Masterpiece,” that was full of the most spiteful guitar driven blues since caveman first got spurned and invented guitars to write songs about the women that broke their hearts (if you haven’t listened to it, please take a moment to check out all 36 tracks and come back to us, we’ll wait). But here, now, listening to Benny Mayne’s “basic bitch," it feels like I’ve discovered a lost cut off this classic record (like a neo-soul Indiana Jones), and dare say that I’ve uncovered a masterpiece in its own right.



Mayne’s soulful funky licks are bound to serve as the voice to every millennial man, with their man buns and vegan kale smoothies, that just got cheated on by a “basic bitch.” This is a term that I feel uncomfortable promoting in this pro-feminist society, but alas. We all know what it is and it mostly involves Instagram. With lyrics like, “you can’t unsuck that d*ck” (can I swear on here?) you’ve at least gotta understand where Mayne is coming from. This is a man showing raw emotion and hurt, spurned by a cheating ex and not one bit shy to hang his dirty laundry out to dry. I only wish that was a real voicemail drop in the middle of the track.

The soundcloud version of this cut is the only one that samples the “Jamal Smith 2016 World Championship of Skate Promo Video” better known as the “WHACK GUY!” Viral Video and it makes the song all the stronger with this kind of lead-in. Your Lyrics! Not Whack! Your funky guitar licks! Not Whack! Your Song Title! Whack! Your Song! Not Whack! Benny Mayne? He’s Tight as Fuck!


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