Big Freedia’s “Rent” is so goddamn hype that I very nearly forgot I was listening to the queen of bounce and thought that I’d put on some friggin’ metal instead. I found myself headbanging along like Beavis & Butthead to these rip-roaring guitar riffs that feel like they’re fresh off a new Sleigh Bells record.



What we’ve got here is the most important “Pay Your Rent” tune since Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “1st of tha Month.” If I don’t see a mash-up of these two tracks or a twitter bot that re-posts this song to your timeline on the 1st of every month by the beginning May, consider me supremely surprised. In fact I’ll probably just go make one myself right now because I hate being surprised. Except by good music, I love being surprised by good music. This track even gets a bit anthemic with it’s George Clinton style “Bitch, I’m your Landlord” funky breakdown at the end. Shit, I want to set that part to my ringtone every time my Landlord calls me (which is all the time, because I’m usually late with my rent. Actually this song reminds me…thanks Freedia)!

Freedia’s traditional flow and style is on display as always, dropping classic lyrics like:

Talkin Talkin Talkin Talkin Talkin Talkin Talkin Talkin Talkin

Yaddy Yaddy Yah Yaddy Yaddy Yah Yaddy Yaddy Yah

Baby Go Head Baby Go Head Baby Go Head

You know you just can’t get enough of her super-speed hype New Orleans brand of dance-hop. This sound that she brought to the world, is still so unique and fresh ten years later, bumping hard with every new release. Let’s be grateful for a new single from the consummate queen as it makes way for her Third Wave Bounce EP set to drop on June 1st on Asylum Records.

Pay Attention. This is how you make a banger.


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