Oh man this song makes me feel absolutely fantastic.

Like sun shining down on my soul, just got the big job and the girl of my dreams, skipping down the street with a huge smile plastered across my face.

This track gives me *the warm fuzzies* unlike anything I’ve experienced in a long time. They surge from my head straight through to my toes at the mere mention of spreading love like Paddington Bear. This song is the equivalent of squeezing your childhood teddy bear and knowing that everything is going to be alright. Hell, better than alright— things are going to be fantastic.

I have to wonder if the feel good track of the summer is inspired by the feel good family film of the winter? Paddington 2 currently sits at 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, standing at the greatest reviewed film of all time. Is this an official release or nah? If I could issue the same kind of positive rating for this song, I would. Or maybe this is an unofficially sanctioned tie-in for the DVD release? For you and I to listen to on your way way to the Redbox to rent it. Or neither? Is this just all a massive coincidence? Are we living in a day and age where any and all are simultaneously possible and I should just ignore this connection and love the song for what it is?

A funky pop song that belongs not only on the radio and burning up dance floors at pool parties and disco clubs all summer long, but also sung out of children’s mouths learning simultaneously about good music and spreading positivity. This is like that fucking Justin Timberlake trolls song but good.



If the Ed Banger collective has ever disappointed, I don’t want to know about it. Like seriously, don’t tell me. Don’t waste your breath. I love them all: Boston Bun, Busy P, Justice, DVNO call the legendary french electro label home, and this one’s got hints of all of these artists coming together for once. “Spread Love” feels like its still recovering from the influence of last summer’s Busy P and Mayer Hawthorne’s track, “Genie,” a song that perfectly weaves pop sensibilities with a classic dance groove. But this one levels it up, with hints of disco, future, electro, you name it, all tied together with DVNO’s heartfelt hook.

I haven’t heard much from DVNO since Justice’s first release, †, but it’s nice to see he hasn’t lost his touch. If anything he’s gotten more in tune with it. Either that or Boston Bun is just truly the BOSS-ton Bun.

Splash House is coming up this weekend in Palm Springs and if this song isn’t played somewhere between twelve and eighteen times then someone (or everybody) fucked up.


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