I want to say that CamelPhat has been quietly cooking up the hottest tunes in dance music, but that’s a blatant lie and we all know it. After a ubiquitous single like 2017’s “Cola” and a Grammy nomination to boot for the UK duo’s collaboration with Elderbrook, CamelPhat has taken the mantle of next big thing. That and they’ve going back to back with acts like Solardo and Gorgon City recently, establishing a legacy before they even become legends. No longer are their moves quiet, but they’re big and they’re bold and they’re covered on every single dance music blog this side of the pond (back home they’re already superstars-- why are we Americans always so far behind?).

So, when a new CamelPhat tune comes on our radar, we pay attention. As should you...



“Rabbit Hole” sees Dave Whelan and Mike di Scala working with vocalist Jem Cooke on a mellow house music tune with major world-music vibes. This is the kind of hook, build and drop that it absolutely global. This sucker will destroy dance floors from India to Indiana. 

While CamelPhat is busy touring the world right now, let’s hope this song comes to your city while it’s still in rotation.  I’m sure every DJ and their brother (DJ) is going to mix this one in. It’s almost like everything these two touch is gold. I don’t even know if these dudes know how to write something that’s NOT a hit.  That’s why we bend the knee and pray to the gods of camel and phat.  Cause they’re fun! And we love fun! Why else are we listening to rave tunes at 9 AM on a Tuesday. I see you--

For more from these guys check out “Hangin’ Out with Charlie’ and their remix of Fatboy Slim’s “Right Here, Right Now.” It’s their treatment of the classic tune that Fatboy himself has been playing out, but replacing the lyrics with Greta Thunberg at her UN speech on climate change.  It’s a must listen


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