Chance the Rapper might end up going down in history as one of the artists who is better on the feature than he is on his own tracks. There is even a conspiracy theory going around Twitter right now, that the reason he isn’t signed to a major label is because his solo material isn’t good enough. Woah, harsh. Internet. We at We Are: The Guard don’t buy into that bullshit. We love Chance. Like love love, like in love. Like would marry him if he wasn’t just engaged. Like let’s be best friends and play Fortnite together, kind of situation. But we think it is important to report the news as we see it in our corner of the Internet. Can’t just let such a baseless rumor come and go.

After listening to this track, I think you’ll agree that this idea is absolutely batshit insane. Not only are there way worse rappers and singers out there with major label recording contracts (like every single one), but Chance is also one of the single best voices working today. His voice is important, a shift in the fundamental sound of hip-hop for the better. This dude just has a sound that spans generations and consistently spouts brilliant wisdom and shares the rawest of emotionality. He could be talking about complete trash and we'd still all be lapping it up like puppies and peanut butter. But he never is.



“65th and Ingleside” is one of four tracks that Chance dropped out of nowhere this week. Just casually dropping tunes, like he doesn’t even care how his music is released. He’s given it all away for free so far, and seems to be making bank from touring and endorsing Kit-Kat (is that real or did I dream that?). He must not have the slightest concern about recording royalties. Chance is embracing the future that art does not necessarily equal commerce.

This is as much of a classic Chance jam as any of his hits. “65th and Ingleside” stands up alongside “Summer Friends,” “Same Drugs” and “Favorite Song” as a standout solo tune. This feels like a grown up, more mature Chance. He’s not rapping about Harry Potter or Arthur, the anteater. He’s talking about how tough life can be in Chicago, especially with a child and dealing with his own sense of celebrity, loneliness and alienation.

Chance seems to be taking a cue from his once mentor, Kanye: releasing music so personal and simple rather than just going for hits, hits, hits. Screw you, Internet Haters. We’re in. Even if Chance IS better on the feature, that doesn’t make his solo material worth any less. It just means he’s possibly the most valued featured artist in the game. But that’s what you get when you’re the best, someone always trying to bring you down.


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