I’ve been saying for months that the world needs more chilled-out hip-hop energy.

There’s nothing better than an MC who feels like they’re vibing with the music, no matter what the BPM or soundscape behind them. Blak Trash says it right when they drop the line “Blak Trash and Chuurch is like the illest summit.” MALTA baby. This match of bass music and vibey hip-hop is most definitely one that belongs in the record books of all-time tunes (at least of the summer in question, 2019, the year of our Lords Chuurch).

“Erase the Pain” is a hell of a lot of fun, and a song that can fit the mood at any kind of function. Festival? For sure. Pool party? Getting dark but it’s gonna work. Warehouse Rave? Great. Break from whatever other genre is bumping at that particular moment, turning this function into straight West Coast hip-hop vibes for almost four whole minutes. BOOM.



Chuurch are the new hotness if you get down to bass music. Hell, even if you don’t you should give this track a chance because it pushes out of genre, shoves that concept down its own throat and battles it like a demon from hell. Out of Calgary, the duo of Jeff Wilson and Justin MacLean are poised to take the mantle of bass badass from Rezz, Gesaffelstein or Zeds Dead, depending on who your allegiances align with (or don’t). These guys are the real deal, making tunes that bump bass but also demonstrate genuine songwriting talent. This collab with the NorCal duo Blak Trash is something else entirely-- “Erase the Pain” has crossover appeal, the kind of track we’re all going to be listening to all summer. Not mad about it. 


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