This is just the beginning for Cobi’s “Island in my Mind.” I’m not entirely sure what’s next, but I have some ideas of where this deeply emotional blues-pop epic could be headed.

A. A big remix. Like huge. Someone like Kygo or Above & Beyond (they do have a working relationship already btw) turning this into the kind of EDM anthem that has people swooning and swaying and singing along across the globe. Sure, it’s the biggest hit of next year, but that’s next year’s problem.

B. The soundtrack. There’s nothing better for dramatic movies or TV than a big sweeping dramatic tune to go along with it. They go together like Adele and a divorcee. Might this one close out a big season finale for a show like “This Is Us” or soundtrack the movie trailer for a movie starring Sterling K. Brown? Ether way, it’s gonna have us feeling some feels while some actors flex their chops.

C. Radio hit. Cobi could be the next Lumineers or Hozier. He doesn’t even need moving images or remixed production to get there as he’s got the kind of emotive hook we can all innately feel connected to. Imagine, driving down the street, closing your eyes, picturing your own island in your own mind. Someone beeps. You have to swerve to get back in your lane. The song continues.

D. All of the above.



I’m getting major all of the above vibes on this one. We haven’t heard much from Cobi, but now we’re rifling through the back catalog looking for more songs that make us feel like we’re alive.  “Island In My Mind” is a deeply meditative study on feeling your own feelings and escaping from them every once and a while. This isn’t Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville vibes, no. It’s a metaphorical Island, a respite  Maybe we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Breathe. Let the music do the heavy work for us. Hopefully, this one stays on your playlists and clears out the bad vibes every time they get the best of you. We know it will for us. 


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