Is it hot in here? Or is it just Dennis Lloyd?
Is this guy a refrigerator? Because he’s been running through my head all day. 
Did it hurt? When did this tune fall from heaven?
Is Dennis Lloyd really from Israel? Because he’s the only Ten (point 0) I see.
I know these lines are really cheesy, I just think he’s the greatest.

Lock up your wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters because Dennis Lloyd is definitely the new Mr. Steal Yo Girl. He’s just got the kind of tunes that will literally have everyone who ever listens to them swooning. If you’re in a relationship that involves mucho jealousy or infidelity I’d keep your significant other as far away as you can from Dennis Lloyd. Otherwise, before you know it, they’ll be following him around on tour, trying to be a groupie but never getting past security.  Screaming like when the Beatles first came to America (or for this generation… One Direction?) And you ’ll be alone, cursing his name, while you could have just kept his music to yourself and lived a better life because of it.

“N E V E R M I N D” is classic chill dance vibes, with the sexy, sultry vocal stylings of a talent that is such to get about as much play in your headphones as Lebron is about to get on his first year with the Lakers. If this one isn’t already all over SiriusXM chill than I have absolutely no understanding of who’s doing the selecting over there. WAKE UP SIRIUS PEOPLE, THIS THE JAM! WHY SO SIRIOUS?



Lloyd has been banging out tunes this hot since 2015’s “Playa (Say That)” with approximately 900% less fanfare than he deserves. Here’s hoping that us sharing “N E V E R M I N D” with you now is what changes that course from him. That just a couple of clicks from We Are: The Guard and he’ll be as well known as anybody who’s ever made music before. This is our hope. This is what he deserves.

This track comes alongside three other releases. Somehow Dennis Lloyd’s (Alright) version is even silkier smooth. It’s got a little less reverb and goes a little bit less ‘deep’ (that deep-- so hot right now), but we like the sound here a bit more, don’t judge. Remix wizard Wankelmut (seriously he’s able to turn a song that is fine into one that is FIIIIIIIINE. Check his “My Head is a Jungle” and “One Day / Reckoning Song” remixes if you want to lose yourself in magic) steps in for a remix and a (Club Dub). Wankelmut’s club-ready sound has been honed in over the years and he works hard to brings a nice new layer of grooviness to this heated experience.  I truly expect this version to the one that throws you over the edge and into superfan territory. It’s so good that I just have to link it below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


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