Glam rock hasn’t sounded this fun for at least the past ten or fifteen years. Back when Jet and The Killers were battling it out to see which one would still be around in 2019.

Sure, we might say rock is dead every now and then, and we totally mean it when we say it too. But then a band like this comes around and we have to completely re-evaluate that incredibly hot take of ours. Like now. Please let us humbly re-evaluate… Don’t judge too harshly for our hyperbolic words.

After giving one headbangingly heavy listen to Des Rocs’ newest EP we’re on the side of rock back to not being dead again. “ALIVE!!!!” even, to quote Dr. Frankenstein.

“Give Me The Night” is hook-filled, catchy as the clap, and a blast to blast at high volumes, with enough guitar fuzz to make old men plug their ears and politely request for the music to be turned down: yup, that sounds like rock to us, alright?



Danny Rocco of Brooklyn’s Secret Weapons has turned out to be his own sort of Secret Weapon, hasn’t he? A rip-roaring one-man rock and roll party emerges from out of his former indie-pop duo to give us Des Rocs: the lovechild of all the rock you’ve ever loved. The least we can do is give him the night. He did ask politely after all...

“Give Me The Night” rounds out as the last song on Des Rocs’ 5 song EP, Martyr Paradise. The whole EP rocks this hard so you better come-a knocking if you wanna be-a rocking. This follows up 2018’s Let the Vultures In which apparently rocked just as hard as well -- even though we’re just getting to it now that doesn’t mean we can’t smash out fists through a wall and love every goddamn second of it.

Maybe we’ll just go and break out our Led Zeppelin vinyl and pretend we’re thirteen again.


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