This song is sexy as all hell. A little rendezvous between Dom and his girl in that slow-tempo sound definitely as us hot under the collar. If this isn’t the baby-making anthem for the rest of the year than the world needs to catch up right quick because put this one on a playlist and you’ll be making out quicker than you can say “Netflix and Chill.” Is that outdated? What’s the thing now? IG DMs and BDSM?

Not entirely sure how the Açaí Bowl fits into the equation, unless Fike is insinuating that some sweet fruits are the proper meal for energy pre… you know.  Get your mind in the gutter and play this for the one you’re trying to get sweet with.  It’s the sweetest song to come out all year long, now get to business.



Dominic Fike has all the proper backing to be your next favorite artist. With a $4 million dollar contract from Columbia Records it’s basically a guarantee that the songs he drops next are meant for radio play.  “Açaí Bowl” is a groover, reminiscent of the Weeknd’s first couple of hits that blend soul, R&B and a unique voice that can only come from one very talented individual.  These aren’t some major label ploy for your dollars, but rather the backing of a genuine talent.

Check out “Rollerblades” as well for a track that fits in perfectly with this one, building out a sound that’s truly something special.  Why the songs so short tho? 


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