I’ve been thinking a lot about Don Diablo lately. I mean sure, Diablo is more traditionally associated with its one-to-one Spanish translation of ‘the Devil,’ but I can’t help but think more along the lines of hot sauces. Taco Bell Diablo sauce mostly. You know the one so spicy that you can barely handle it on your EDM Gordita Crunch without burning your mouth? Well, that’s definitely not the case here. If Don Diablo was a hot sauce he’d be a fiery chipotle that’s got a major KICK, but is also incredibly palatable and enjoyed by absolutely everyone that’s ever enjoyed anything ever. Don Diablo would be the hot sauce of the people, the kind we’d all order slathered on everything. Actually Don, if you’re thinking about starting a hot sauce company I want dibs on running the social media. 

“So hot you’ll shuffle about it.” 
“Hotter than any of my tracks, jk that’s not possible.” 
“As hot as a Las Vegas pool party.” 

Don Diablo has been making bangers since most of his fans were in elementary school. This guy hasn’t made a  single misstep since that one time he stepped on a crack and broke his momma’s back. He is as reliable as Taco Bell hot sauce.

You know what you’re going to get everytime and you know that you goddamn love it.



“Survive” is another in a long line of hits so good it makes you want to squeeze your friend, sit them down in front of the speakers, and say “DO YOU HEAR THAT SHIT?!” It’s mellow, it’s vibey and the bass hits heavy when it needs to. This is the kind of song that you can rage so mellow to. Chilling on a couch and grooving to the beat, really listening to the lyrics and loving every second of it. My only complaint is why only three minutes? I could easily to another three no question. Can’t wait for the festival mix of this one where Diablo turns that bass up to true diablo levels and truly blows our minds with his killer feature guests. 

This track has a more muted production from Diablo than we’re used to, which mostly serves to lead the way for Emeli Sandé and Gucci Mane to do what they do best. Emeli on the bridge and the chorus that belongs on more radio stations than even exist and Gucci on his best verse since Ty Dolla $ign’s “Pineapple.”  These three working together is a guaranteed smash, so why the hell do you need me to convince you any further? Did you even listen to it yet?