Listening to “SAINTS” by ECHOS is a religious experience, a conclusion I came to mere minutes before realizing what this song was actually called. While I may not have believed in forces beyond my understanding before today, I feel that this track has likely changed my opinion that there may be more at work than I had thought before. The bass-heavy post-rocktonic duo out of Portland, Oregon has got a sound comparable only to martyrdom. They give of their emotions, so we may feel.

Lexi Norton’s voice is that of Joan of Arc, daring to sacrifice herself for all of us mere mortals. Tal Richards, behind the keys and production suite, constructs the kind of songs that exist solely to flagellate yourself to. Get the cat o’ nine tails ready, because these two are about to mess up your whole day. Unless you were already having a rough go at it, and then their sad songs will help lead to your redemption. Out of the darkness comes the light. Only by entering the void can we become the people we are destined to be. ECHOS just may be the saving grace for us all. Anything for anyone. They are the force of angels, the intensity of the sun, the dreams of the hopeless. 



Between the deep heavy bass, violin stabs, and slow patient drums this song feels like it belongs soundtracking a scene where hundreds of monks walk off a cliff-face to their deaths in the ocean below. With Norton singing about falling at Heaven’s gate and those big intense sounds throughout, I really feel that my fate is to be judged by those with far more say in spiritual matters than I. These two have crafted something so bold and otherworldly that I am now officially nervous for my fate. Bravo. 

“SAINTS” is the second single from ECHOS’ debut album, Even though you’re gone. The first single “Euphoria” carries a similar vibe and listening to it will really help paint a picture of their full sound. Make sure to pre-order the album now, everywhere you pay for music, so when the record drops on December 7th it’s just there waiting for you. Their self-titled debut EP ECHOS is available pretty much everywhere. It too has a brooding intensity with powerful bass lines and absolutely gorgeous songwriting, they are transcendent. For those who like their darkness with a bit of sadness, Echos are your next New Order.


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