If hearing that Ekali and 1788-L have teamed up for a track doesn’t instantaneously get those headphones on and hood up, then we might be starting off on different pages here. These two bass music stalwarts have been impressing headbangers and dubsteppers across the globe for a while now with their unique sounds and festival-ready bangers.This is the kind of track that really just makes you want to slam your face into the rail and break your nose-- on purpose ... or maybe that’s just me. (Actually, I know it’s not me because I’ve seen numerous examples of this on Twitter and Reddit and Instagram-- I should follow fewer ravers).

We are so fortunate to receive the blessing that is “R U I N” on this fine morning here at We Are: The Guard. What a killer opportunity to delve into what it sounds like for two sets of completely unique artist noises to come together and produce something so massive that it can’t be contained by these middling speakers we have hooked into our ears via wire or Bluetooth (for those of you with more money than me and can afford earpods). This hard-hitting bass-driven mania has hints of dubstep, mild tropical vibes and the incredibly recognizable drum-builds of drum & bass. This one is destined for the biggest speaker stacks this side of the Sahara. 

Ekali and 1788-L are a bass supergroup in the making. 

So, where’s this B2B headed this summer?


EKALI, 1778-L - R U I N

“R U I N” comes as 2019’s first release for either artist, after a noticeable lacking from two quite prolific artists. But now we get one so big that it can’t be held by an album or anything conventional like that. This comes as a single drop from OWSLA, the biggest bass label in the world if you come from the school of Skrillex like I know both these artists do. This one’s about to climb the figurative charts (because no one really focuses on record sales anymore).

Ekali and 1788-L share an interesting approach to putting this track together. While their sounds merge brilliantly on the builds and bridges, they seem to split off and do their own thing for the separate drops. Drop #1 seems squarely in the hands of 1788-:L who’s got the most vicious grinding bass sound, owing as much to industrial as anybody else working today.  Then drop #2 comes and switches over to a beautiful twinkling sound with a thick layer of white noise bass behind it that’s distinctly Ekali. Depending on where you mix-in on this one, it could fit tightly in either artist set without ever getting too off brand. Now that’s some killer marketing right there.

The release comes with its own official YouTube visualizer. This one goes out to the ravers who like to get right up close to the computer and really picture themselves raving until the sun comes up. This is like the wall of LED behind the DJs spinning and slamming. Let’s break our noses, y’all.


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