The precedent has been set. Make spine-tinglingly beautiful bass music and an artist might just unlock the keycode to potentially becoming one EDM’s major superstars. We all saw it happen with Flume, Odesza after that, and then again just this past year with Illenium.  After a first listen at Ekali’s A World Away I believe we’ve got a new contender for the bass music megastar mantle. 

The album’s opening track “Fairy Tale” (which is co-credited to Elohim who deserves all of our praise here in equal measure) is the kind of track that’s got mega crossover appeal.  From bass music aficionados, to electronic dance music enthusiasts, to casual radio listeners that crave pop and interesting sounds and are sick of the hits they already know. The only people that are left out of that list are snobs and even they are likely to come around after a couple of plays to wear them down on its pure transcendence. 



“Fairy Tale” is a full on vibe.  A mood somewhere between terminally depressed and lifting you so high up you’re part of the clouds flying. When the vocalist sings “life is a fairy tale” I can’t tell if we’re meant to believe her, or if it’s something we just tell ourselves in the middle time between having fun with our friends and loved ones. When we sit at a desk and hate our lives dreaming our way back to bass bumping out speakers during the good times when we are really able to feel alive. Ekali perfectly captures the middle ground between that anxiety. Feeling our pain, capturing it in the moment and letting it all go with the release of a sublimely gorgeous drop. 

The major catch is A Word Away is chock full of tracks just as good, unique and interesting as “Fairy Tale.” A fact that bodes well for someone wanting to check out the full album stream after catching a recommendation from their favorite blog. Hint hint. Ekali says he has a second album on the way later in 2020 as well. With all this music we expect an even bigger blow-up. After people (and I mean those of us already not firmly in camp Ekali) get the opportunity to fully digest these records we’ll be surprised if he hasn’t shot up to one of the gods of the genre. Catch Ekali now on the World Away tour (Feb and March) before he’s playing stadiums only this time next year. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. This song should be proof enough.


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