A killer remix has the distinct ability to turn you on to two artists at the same time. And maybe it’s just me, writing for this site being my job and all, but I’m PRETTY into the discovery of new music. I have an inkling because you’re still reading this, that you do as well.

Today We Are: The Guard is pleased to present all of you with the dark, wondrous energies of Emika and Pinch. Thanks to their collaborative efforts on this remix of “Eternity,” we’re swirling around in our head, dreaming of getting truly lost in the music. Here is a track we had no idea know we needed because neither of these artists were on our radar. Turns out we totally did, and really hope you will too. The question is: Do I skip right over the original? Cut right to the remix chase. That is perhaps what they are there for. How am I able to separate out the two artists without listening to the unremixed version first? Are we all just meant to intertwine Pinch and Emika together, as one uniform voice? I say, considering how banging this track is: yes. 



Emika’s fluttering vocals underline a spattering, glitched-out build and release. Where Pinch starts and Emika begins, we’ll never know. But we do know that these two energies are matched like Peanut Butter and Jelly or Bruno Mars and any producer willing to make a hit and a shitload of money. Together they’ve turned “Eternity” into a dark trance-like state that has us closing our eyes and imagining the end of times as just over the horizon. If this isn’t the kind of song that grabs you in its warm embrace and refuses to let go, then maybe go take a glance at the original and let us know how well that fares. 

Pinch’s remix of “Eternity” comes from Emika’s Falling in Love with Sadness Remixes EP, which additionally features Julia Govor, Rebekah and Headless Horsemen.  We also earnestly recommend Rebekah’s techno handling duties of the EP’s titular track.  Madness.


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