If not universally considered the wordsmith of our generation, Father John Misty will definitely go down as our biggest son of a bitch.  He doesn’t pull any punches, opting instead for a couple of sucker shots to balls when you’re down on the ground just for the fun of it.



Pure Comedy is a pitch perfect painting of the existential dread we face each and every day.  Are we going to be okay?  I’m not so sure. This song doesn’t do much to make any of us feel better, that’s for sure.  If anything it only serves to remind how fucked we all really are.  Its nihilistic message is spelled out clear as day through the sarcastic croon of a man who is far too smart for his own good.  J. Tillman has captured the essence of scrolling through a heartbreakingly hopeless Facebook newsfeed, completely numbed to the horrifying reality that is just outside of our doors.  Six and a half minutes of legitimate depression wrapped up with building piano hits and a swirling orchestral accompaniment.  Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Prize for his poetic and revolutionary lyrics, but i think today Father John Misty picks up that mantle for the fucked up world of today. 

This is the song we need.  This is the song we deserve.

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