Your flight on We Are: The Guard Airlines has been changed, we will be landing due to emergency precautions of having to listen to this song immediately. Your final destination is now “All Your Love” featuring Dustin Tebbutt and we do not apologize whatsoever for the inconvenience. We will be piping it in through the intercom system for everybody to enjoy.

Do you remember the first time you heard Rufus Du Sol’s Innerbloom? I do! My friend Nathaniel Chase spun it during his set at the festival my friends and I throw and it changed the game for me, tell you what. Bet it changed the game for you too! I’m right, aren’t I? Don’t be shy! Whatever your personal story, it instantly became one of your new favorite jams I know that for sure (if you’re a Rufus head, but come on, who isn’t?)  It skyrocketed Rufus Du Sol from mid-level talent to festival headliner, taking over festivals like Lighting in a Bottle and CRSSD as if they were as big as Kygo or U2 or something. 

This is that jam this year. 

Flight Facilities have graced us with a beautiful, emotional groover that you, me, your friend Beth, Johnny Potato and EVERYBODY ELSE is going to be swooning over for the rest of eternity. Whether you’re in love or recently lost it, this is going to pull at the heart strings and give you all the feels at every major dance music event this side of the Pacific Ocean (and the other side too, considering these Aussies are WAY bigger over there than they are over here.)

And hell if you don’t even like live music or think you hate to dance, Flight Facilities have gone and crafted the perfect song for tricking people into listening to music they might not otherwise. This is for everyone. This is the one that will finally push Flight Facilities up to the TOP of YOUR HEART. And damn is it a fine one.



What genre is this even? Electronic Sway Music? ESM? Is that what we have to start referring to chill out tunes as as they get bigger and bigger and take over the world and end up the radio and we’re singing along, crying, feeling every word as if it’s written just for us. Flight Facilities blend folksy vocals, chill trip hop drums and vibey synths into something transcendent. These two deserve a hit this big, after pumping out years of amazing music with less recognition than they deserve. 

If this is your first entry into the Flight Facilities catalogue and you like what you hear, may I make some follow-up suggestions:

Check out “Crave You” and “Claire de Lune” and “Sunshine” and “Two Bodies!”

Or Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra! OH MAN!

Listen to all of Down To Earth, their full length LP from 2014 that’s just as good if not better than any other full record in dance music but has most of these other songs on it. 

Or their Decades Mixes 1972-1982 / 1982-1992 / 1992-2002 / 2002-2012 and the get the history of dance music expertly mixed for you. These aren’t the easiest to find, but throw it in a google search because we can’t link them here because they keep getting taken down for copyright infringement, but they’re AMAZING.

These guys are my heroes and I’m glad they have a song that’s your new favorite tune so they can be yours too.


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