Faodail is a Gaelic word meaning ‘lucky find.’ It also doubles as the moniker for Scottish electronic producer Callan Marchetti.

A Wren is a small short-winged songbird found chiefly in the New World.

These two seemingly unconnected things are brought together because Faodail (Marchetti) has a song called “Wren” and it absolutely whips ass.

Marchetti is atmospheric and lush. At times it approaches ambient but never fully commits. “Wren” showcases his dexterity in production and song structure. The song builds and wanes, twists and turns while taking you to a myriad of chill places and vibes.

More than anything, the music in “Wren” floats and glides. It’s also a blueprint on how to let the beat build. After a minimalistic start with sparse piano keys and subtle hints of percussion, the track takes off in a sonic blur. 

This is a song you put on and get lost in.


While Marchetti seems to be at least semi-reclusive, with a scant social media presence and highly succinct bio, that doesn’t mean he’s not proficient. The Glasglow native has been steadily releasing music since 2016 and already has a pair of new songs out now.

Whether he’s building to something bigger or stays in his lane writing dope songs for a niche audience is irrelevant. For as long as people hear Faodail’s music and learn his name’s meaning, they’ll agree it’s pretty on point.


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