Best New Tracks: ‪"Super Rich Kids (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)‬"


Lately it seems like Frank Ocean has only received press for coming out of the closet (by the way, check that previous post cuz it poses a lot of questions in our edgy editorial). This of course is great, as has the subsequent outpouring of support from a good chunk of the hip hop community.  Some others...not so much.  

But as today's Latest New Music proves, he's still a really amazing singer.

"Super Rich Kids" is one of the standout tracks off Ocean's  major label debut, Channel Orange. Earl Sweatshirt even comes out of hiding to spit a verse and the hook for this track. Check it out below:

Channel Orange is out now via Def Jam. Here at Bitcandy we bought three copies so people wouldn't think we're homophobic.

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