Sure I’ve heard about the Metal influence in EDM right now, but that doesn’t take any of the shock out of stumbling on a track like this one. grandson combines more genres than legally allowed by the state and may be the first artist EVER to make screamo inspired lo-fi alt-folk turned Dubstep. This is like that Skrillex / From First to Last collaboration you didn’t even know was possible (because Skrillex is already in From First to Last, duh. idiot). How about a Snails remix of Glassjaw? Or an Asking Alexandria / Muse team-up?

Whatever the case, you’ve never heard anything like this. That’s a guar-an-fricking-tee.



spotify On BLOOD//WATER grandson uses dubstep drops to replace the traditional Screamo breakdown. He even keeps the trademark screamo SCREAM in place before the change up. All while still at its core feeling more like a lo-fi indie tune than any of these things. Rock ain’t dead. Or is it? This is a completely bonkers combination of sounds that have never been combined before and makes for just the right kind of inspired original. With the wild raw energy of a Rage Against the Machine and the genre swapping of a world class DJ this is certainly something to pay attention to.

grandson is on tour in Canada opening up for The Glorious Sons through the rest of the year. Go get some of this craziness and report back. I have to know more.

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