Every single H.E.R. song is expert level at setting the mood. I think you know what kind of mood I’m talking about without having to get too explicit here. While “Comfortable” sees a sort of departure with regard to a more traditional R&B production, it’s still the same old H.E.R. vocal stylings we’ve come to love.

This time last year, everybody was talking about the California singer-songwriter as we watched her skyrocket straight to the third line of Coachella’s 2019 poster. Now, we’ve been seeing her garner a different kind of attention by (the bold move of) premiering new tunes live at the Grammys. Mere weeks after that, and H.E.R. gives us “Comfortable,” a new single that leaves the lush, bass-heavy production behind for a stripped-down acoustic guitar jam. 



But that don’t change the way we feel about her.  If anything, it reiterates.  Who cares what’s behind a track when you’ve got a voice like that?  Deep, full of feeling and the range of one of the greats.  Who would want the exact same sound from one of pop’s biggest up and comers every single time? Not us, and we know not our readers too. Change is essential.  “Comfortable” brings a new flair, a whole revamped energy, to a sound that we’ve all already gone and signed up as stans for. 

The moody vibe of H.E.R’s incredibly soulful R&B exudes a sort of positive indifference. Like, this isn’t for us.  Perhaps she’d still be making these same calls without a high profile audience paying attention to every single move.  Blogs covering every song within days of their release.  What is there really to say, except this is the continuation of a very special talent.  If this is your introduction to H.E.R., welcome. If you’ve been around for a while and know what’s up, then I really hope this jam works to set that mood for you. 


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