We live in a weird time for music. The biggest musicians in the world (at least according to Billboard Top 100 and MTV VMAs) are all young, fashion-conscious, and internet-savvy. In any different era wouldn’t stand a chance against the more traditional stars. But we have Billie Eilish, using beats her brother made in his bedroom and clothes all 10x times too big for her. There’s the cowboy rapper Lil Nas X who promoted the hell out of his song through TikTok and blew up on a social media most people hadn’t even heard of yet. Also Lizzo, who doesn’t give a shit about your traditional beauty standards because she knows she’s sexy as hell, and can pull off one of the most impressive live performances out there today to boot. And don’t even get me started on Oliver Tree. 

I guess this all leads me to Frank Lopes Jr, known by music streaming services as Hobo Johnson. He is next. This cat is definitely going to be everywhere this time in 2020. Hell, maybe even sooner. He’s different, unique, has a flow and style and self-deprecating outlook, unlike anybody who’s ever hit the game. While “Typical Story” is hitting everywhere on the radio right now, Hobo Johnson went and dropped “Subaru Crosstrek XV” off on the sly to back it up. This shows the artist at his more mute, demonstrating flow and beat more than the live production put together by his friends and backing band, the LoveMakers. 



Hobo Johnson is a sarcastic, sardonic and absolutely hilarious Mexican/Portuguese-American rapper out of Sacramento, California who blends honesty, jokes, rock, emo, hip-hop and partying into something that could only come from one singular voice. This is without a doubt the millennial Eminem.  Or at least Tyler the Creator 2.0.

“Subaru Crosstrek XV” is a deeply honest portrayal of the come up in the music scene. The rapper buys himself a Subaru Crosstrek because he can’t quite afford the car insurance on a Lambo yet. In the song, Johnson makes fun of himself with lines like “I wish that I was skinnier but I love sandwiches,” and takes on his father issues pretty straightforwardly. This is a blast of a song, with lines that make you laugh sandwiched between lines that make you think and feel and consider and … shit, this dudes got some depth.

The Fall of Hobo Johnson drops Sept 13th from Warner Records.

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