Millennial malaise is a serious affair that doesn’t quite seem to get the coverage it deserves from the 2018 music-scape. Between bubbly pop and even bubblier dance music it seems like today’s tunes are meant more to cheer us up and out of our funks, rather than getting in and wallowing around in the muck with us.

Where are our Conor Oberst's? Our Isaac Brock’s? Where is this generation's Kurt Cobain? Hello? I mean half of the people I know are on antidepressants, everybody is broke, friends are disappearing to death or the suburbs -- what is there even to be happy about anymore? 

That’s where Houses comes in, the blissfully somber music project of Dexter Tortorella, with vocal accompaniment from the lovely sounding Megan Messina. While Houses sound absolutely nothing like any of the aforementioned artists, that’s only because of evolution plus time. Come on, we live in a way different world than the one grunge or emo came from, and Houses might just our version of whatever that would be now. “Fast Talk” is possibly the most accurate representation of what it’s like to be in your thirties in 2018 (32 for Tortoriello) and have your whole world suck, even if you’re having some fun some of the time.

Middling Millennial Malaise.



Dormant for five years, this misery-loves-company indie-electronic act is back with this killer new release that is hopefully just the tip of the figurative iceberg. There are some absolutely weird and beautiful videos that go along with this track via its Twitter roll-out campaign, that I can't embed here because Twitter video doesn't work like that. Head over yourself to see plus get more of the full picture to Tortoriello teasing more music incoming from Houses over the next month.

Consider us pumped. 

While we not have been here for the first two full lengths, we’re certainly here now.  Hey, this might just be the voice of this generation after all.

This all comes after Tortoriello took a break to make music under the moniker Dawn Golden, his majorly successful foray into more dark, droning and spacey solo material. He was quickly snatched up to Mad Decent by Diplo and his collab with Ryan Hemsworth and What So Not that are out of this world. This isn’t the first time he has jumped between acts, Houses second full length A Quiet Darkness and Still Life came after a number of major releases from Dawn Golden. This is definitely a man who understands how to utilize social media to his benefit, with the soundcloud, spotify and web page for Dawn Golden, his more ‘popular’ act all directing your attention to the now with new music from Houses. 

“Fast Talk” is an absolutely stunning representation of life moving on and not being able to come to terms with that, a memorial to some lost friends in Totoriello’s life. It’s the first release off of Houses’ Drugstore Heaven EP, dropping at the end of September on Downtown Records. 


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