Don’t get me wrong, Jessie Reyez’ “Figures” is a solid track in its own right, but gott-am throw Daniel Caesar on a verse and we got ourselves a real treat, don’t we? The soul-singer helps to turn the downtrodden track from Reyez’ 2017 Kiddo EP into a slightly less downtrodden duet: this time with a hint of hope at the end. Not like a ton, as the heart still obviously hurts, but enough to possibly make it through. Maybe it’s just about being able to commiserate your feelings with other like minded souls that makes it feel like everything’s gonna be alright? All I know for sure is listening to this certainly would make me feel better if I was coming out of a bad relationship and knew there were these two sexy, soulful Canadians who had my back.



Reyez and Caeser both won big this past weekend at the JUNO awards. Reyez taking home Breakthrough Artist and Caesar winning R&B Soul Recording. What a perfectly timed drop if there was ever a perfectly timed drop. The two premiered this reprise on stage for the first time live at the award show and I’m shook. You can watch it right here for all the feels…

While this sucker has been teased on Instagram for weeks now, we’re finally got our hands on the finished product. To have these two working together is literally the Canadian soul music industry’s greatest dream. A dream that I had no clue I shared in until I found myself listening to this version on loop for the past hour, digging up sore memories that I’d spent years trying forget and loving every second of the sound flowing into my ears while I did.

If you wanna go deep with Jessis Reyez on this track, check out her Genius ‘Verified’ Interview where she Breaks Down “Figures” lyric by lyric. Some cool insight into the mind that put together your (or my?) new break up anthem.


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