While most bands would rest on their laurels after releasing an album, the same cannot be said for Justice. Justice might be the only band in the universe to have as many official live album releases as studio recordings (except for maybe Phish and the Grateful Dead who likely have more, but we’re talking dance music here not spinning-in-circles music). Assuredly inspired by Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 (the greatest album of all time), their french-electro brethren, Justice have been re-inventing their songs for their live tours since day one. 2008’s A Cross the Universe and 2013’s Across All Arenas are live monsterpieces, turning every single one of their tracks into something completely fresh and original for the live setting, remixing themselves all the way ramped up to find some exciting new way to present their tunes to fans.

Which is something that Gaspard and Xavier could have done again for their 2016 album, Woman, and no one would have batted an eye at it.

But these two aren’t your average band, they’re much cooler than that. Instead, the duo went back into the studio to reassemble these songs all over again in the purest of all auditory perfection settings. Now we get that good good sound on all fifteen of these reworks.



The first release off Woman World Wide is a heavy techno remix of “Randy”, the funkiest tune on the original album. Justice have turned their nu-disco masterpiece into a warehouse ready rave weapon, even incorporating mix-ins and mix-outs so this track is DJ friendly. While I found the sound on their first two live releases a little muddy, this release is as crisp and perfected as the original studio versions— the kind of tune that can get played over and over in your headphones ad nauseam until you never want to hear it ever again. Nah just kidding, that’s impossible, it’s just too good.

I’m way mega super excited to hear every single one of these tracks (including their Alive-2007-inspired mash-ups) come August 24th when Woman World Wide drops from Ed Banger and Because Music. I’ve regretted missing this tour for the past year and a half and now I get to live it in my headphones. ’m already giddy at the prospects of this “Waters of Nazareth x We Are Your Friends x Phantom 2 x Alakazam”!! The Justice boys are the masters of crafting a tune, so why not let them nail it twice. I assure you now fellow Justice fans, this is going to be the kind of disc you listen to for the rest of your life. And if you’re new to the band there may just be no better place to start.


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