Hmmm...I have a sister and our relationship isn’t anything like this song. That being said, I’m getting the sneaking suspicion based on the lyrical content that perhaps this song is meant more for sisters, and not just someone with a sister. I’ve got two close friends who are in fact this kind of sister-- four years apart and hang out regularly just like the friend/sisters of the song. I think I’ll shoot this track over their way ASAP and see what they have to say. Or maybe I’ll just pop it on the stereo next time we’re all partying and see how they react. If it’s BIG, I’ll report back.

Not being part of a sister-to-sister relationship I feel ill-equipped to make this claim, but I am going to anyways because it’s my job to, and conjecture is belief in the internet industry. Here goes: K.Flay’s “Sister” has the potential, if not damn necessity, to be the world’s #1 sister-based anthem of all time, usurping the top slot from the Sister, Sister theme song and burying Tia and Tamara under the weight of pure alterna-dance-pop craftsmanship. 



May all sisters turn the volume up on this one and scream the lyrics of this one together every time they end up banding together against boys, girls, parents, the patriarchy, you name it! This song is a jam, with deeply infectious vocals from K.Flay that captures a very specific, lovely kind of relationship. It’s strengthened by funky backing beat that could go off in the club, with an electro dance breakdown 2/3rds of the way through the song is so much fun that I’ve been jumping up and down on my bed to it all day. “Sisters” is the third single off Solutions, due EVERYWHERE July 12th. With songs this good, I definitely mean everywhere too. Like, inescapably everywhere.


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