Okay, imagine if Explosions in the Sky met that “lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to” YouTube Radio channel. Hold that thought in your brain before pressing play on “time moved slowly then” by killedmyself (don’t care for that name personally, but whatever gets you through the day).

Got that perfectly beautiful combination of art ready to go in your brain?  Okay, now hit it!



This here is a song that’s as equal parts progressive, with big builds and complex instrumentation, as it is terminally chill. Sure, that’s a conundrum on some level, but out of confusion comes clarity. And what a place from which to foster interesting art, n’est-ce pas? 

I love this song. Like love so much I wanna marry it. Too bad I’m already spoken for. Nobody tell my wife. I can see this playing regularly on SiriusXM chill, but I can also see it being played at some big music festival, blasting out of gigantic speakers, with people having no idea how to dance to it outside of mild swaying (and that WORKING for them). 

This is the kind of song that people have on repeat in their headphones for hours on end without ever getting bored of it. There’s so much going on here that it would take approximately 4000 plays before wanting to change the song. 

killedmyself has tiny pianos pulling us along, orchestration to add a wonderful depth and samples triggered all over the place. When the song breaks halfway through for the powerful, but hushed female voice to let us know that she “wish[es] I had a hundred years I could give to you,” we’re completely hooked and on repeat.

According to SoundCloud, all music made by killedmyself “is free to use non-profit.” So, if you need anything to score your next short film, you now know where to look. 


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