It’s 2019, what the hell are people still doing still making requests to DJs outside of weddings?

Have you ever been out before? Jeez…. Hmmm… when’s the last time you think The Knocks DJed a wedding by the way?  2004?  Last week?  I don’t know.  I guess if I close my eyes and imagine real hard I can picture professional DJs getting this all the time, but the sheer disrespect is just absolutely baffling to me.

All that aside, The Knocks have captured the worst kind club attendee’s bad energy on their hilarious and funky new house tune, “No Requests.”  They start out simple, with some chick complaining about the music, asking for something that she can dance to. And then BOOM The Knocks deliver on the drop with some funky drums that won’t ever be forgotten. It all comes at the perfect time in the tune, delivered with a sense a patience that blends the vocal and tune together into one cohesive unit. 



By the end of the tune B-Roc and JPatt start to bring in the disco vibes that made them famous in the first place, melding all the duos various house sounds one of the most danceable breaks I’ve heard all year.  If this song came on at the club, it would have everybody getting down, guaranteed. Yes, even with the girl who doesn’t like this kind of music getting in on the joke. It spells out how to dance to house music for those uninitiated. This track is a lesson in following the beat, accepting the music as it is, and cutting loose.

The major takeaway is that we as listeners don’t always have to be in control of the music being played for us, but anyone who whips this track out will be in complete control. I can’t wait to hear this one out on a big system and watch people’s reaction as the joke slowly makes its way to them. “No Requests” serves as the B-side to “New York Luau,” on The Knocks 3 track EP on Big Beat Records. Check out “Luau” for some classic Knocks vibes. 


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