Matoma might be the artist who dialed in the tropical/future house sound better than any of the other peers from his incoming class of producers. Here, he has crafted an essentially catchy summer pop jam, melding EDM production and hit songwriting into the kind of tune it would be impossible not to get behind-- unless you hated positivity and only liked guitars.

On “Bruised Not Broken” Matoma enlists the dueling vocals of MNEK and Kiana Ledé to capture both the male and female perspective of modern dating and the trials and tribulations of holding your head up and putting yourself back out there after a relationship didn’t work out. It’s definitely a hard time for everybody, but these three artists have channeled a positive energy that helps make this moment of darkness feel triumphant. 

Bruised, but not broken is the kind of mantra we should all carry with us.



I’m picturing two girls, free from their exes--mediocre boyfriends is an understatement-- singing this song at the top of their lungs with the windows down and the summer breeze blowing through their hair.  Maybe this is a scene from a movie released twelve years from now, set in the late 2010s ala the use of Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash” in Lady Bird.  This song carries enough emotional resonance and uplifting spirit to be very important to people at a very significant time in their lives. May that strong connection keep this song alive and well, and blasting of speakers, well into the next decade. 

We’re already major superfans of Matoma and MNEK (who blew up on Sub Focus and Rudimental singles--the pedigree on this guy), but we’re new to Kiana Ledé, the 22 year old singer whose raw voice works perfectly alongside MNEKs. We expect a long career for this singer/actress.  The talents of these three artists are undeniable, but they’ve come together to craft one of the most fun songs we’re sure you’ll hear all summer. 


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