murmurmur are awesome.

You’ve never heard of them and neither have I but that’s going to change not only after this article, but also every day between now and eternity. This band is going to be huge, mark my words.

They seem to have little bits and pieces lifted from of all sorts of amazing bands (during their prime). Sort of like they’ve intentionally stolen all of the best elements of these great acts and combined it into something special and different that doesn’t really sound anything like any of the bands that make up the sum of their parts.

They’ve got the ethereal spacey, constantly building tracks of say a Tycho, Explosions in the Sky. 

Lead singer Will Fletcher has this sort of Brit-pop ferociousness that's unparalleled by anybody who's ever been classified as Brit-pop. Eat your heart out, Jarvis Cocker. Annnnd maybe that's because they're Australian! I probably should have done my research before making comparisons to one of the other minimal English speaking, yet non-American countries. Close enough??

This Melbourne quintet dips into the psychedelic swirl of their fellow country-mates Tame Impala, Pond and all of the other amazing psych coming out of the Big Island that isn't Maui or Manhattan. I guess every man is an island though, so on some level I guess I mean each and every one of us.

They've got the songwriting and heavy guitar riffs of Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins. Sure they may seem dried up and tired now, but their quiet intensity into loud barraging beauty was a thing of rare excellence in their heyday, like Disarm, 1979, Bullet with Butterfly Wings and basically every track on Melancholy and in Infinite Sadness. If you don’t know, now you know.

That is one lethal combination of amazing artists transformed together to make up murmurmur.



“Cable Car” is a massive hit, and it only has 1,921 plays at the time of the publishing of this article. These guys only have 324 followers on Facebook and NINETEEN on Soundcloud. So it’s not massive yet, Kurt— you must be some kind of psychic! EXACTLY! RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

I’m saying all of this off of only one track? Yeah exactly. I’m more confident about this than anything I’ve ever been in my entire life. This is of the highest quality noise sounds and the world doesn’t even have a friggin' clue yet. Impress your friends or a new boy/girl with the find of the century before they’re everyone’s find of the century and you’re just another super cool person who listens to murmurmur. Be the stand out! Share this article now! 

I will not be the  least bit surprised if within the matter of two years these guys are the biggest thing out there. Kind of like Alt-J, where they were your thing and then between albums they became about as big as a band could possibly get... playing the biggest possible venues and headlining festivals and then they weren’t yours anymore, they were everyone's. Well, it’ll be like that but you’ll have even more time to squirrel them away before they become the sensations they are destined to become. Fall in love with music again, why don’t you?

I literally can’t wait for song number two to come out. I haven’t been this excited about something new since Game of Thrones started.

TL;DR— If you like music you will love this band, guaranteed.


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