Holy hell this song is trouble with a capital T. 

Play this one as your intro music at the strip club and you’re gonna make more money than 20th Century Fox in a Disney buyout. Seriously, people are gonna be throwing X-Men money at you just because they can’t even handle how sexy you are. This song could make the least sexy person in the world sexy. It could make ME sexy! I don’t even know what NoMBe looks like but he could be the ugliest person in the whole world and he’d still be sexy with a song like this one.

Okay maybe not Trouble with a capital T, how about SEXY with a capital SEX. That sounds better.

This scuzzed out fuzz might just be the second cumming of Prince, while sounding absolutely nothing like the purple one himself. Must be the guitar lick driven sexed up R&B that that diminutive guitar God made so famous. 

If Prince came out in 2018 instead of 1988 maybe he’d be making grunge out future sex bass too.



soundcloud NoMBe is currently releasing his debut album They Might've Even Loved Me single by single, month-to-month until he runs out of love songs. Well damn, let’s hope that never happens. Otherwise what else are people going to listen to when they need that spark in the bedroom? Don’t disappoint all your fans! Keep going and write thousands of songs that may never even see the light of day! Can’t wait for that album! 

Check him out at Florida’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in March and I’m sure every single other festival lineup that hasn’t dropped yet. People gonna be making babies in tents, y’all.

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