Goodbye Daft Punk. Hello Nuts6000.

2021, the year we trade two masked robots for one masked squirrel and everything about that sentence seems so completely normal--as if masks and music weren’t just a couple of letters away from each other really. And the truth is, we’ve had a storied history of masked musicians on that quick blow-up from Daft Punk to Deadmau5 to UZ to Marshmello to Orville Peck to any and all of the contests on the Masked Singer (go Uncle Ice Cream!!), but for some reason this kind of anonymity just feels particularly well-suited for EDM. So we’re here with a Best New Music feature for one of the biggest EDM tunes we’ve heard in a while, “Fat Ass.”

Could America’s Next Top Masked DJ be… A SQUIRREL? For sure. Absolutely nuts, we know. 

Nuts6000 is born and raised in the park by your house. Every park in every city simultaneously. After storing enough acorns away for the winter, he was able to invest in Ableton and the rest is squirrelstory...Oh wait, that’s not right. This is a real person in a mask. Sorry, always roped in by the narrative distance. Believe the fluffy tale, as they say. The real origin story goes a bit more like this: a rebel at a young age, Nuts6000 (real name redacted) was forced by a Catholic school teacher to wear a squirrel mask every time he acted up in class. Now that acting up is a full time gig, Nuts6000 says, “I want to wear this mask and hopefully make some impact so Mrs. Gilchrist can see it.” So suck on this one, Ms. Gilchrist. Now we’re just left to wonder if this song is about her or not. 


NUTS6000 - “FAT ASS”

Track so gigantic it’ll make all kinds of asses shake -- fat asses, skinny asses, and even the assless. Nuts6000 has crafted a song that’s truly huge and fully ready to take the party to the place it needs to go. I haven’t heard bass this heavy since my hardcore UK raver days (oh how I miss them). Track has a vocal that’s as playful as it is blunt. Right in your face and not afraid of the consequences. This track feels a bit like the guy in the corner chugging vodka redbulls at the pregame. Somehow you know he’ll be the last one standing. Sure, there’s nowhere for this song to reach its full potential right now, but we’re on the final stretch of being stuck inside and the second clubs and bars open, I expect this track to turn any mild party into a fully wild one.  Grandmas beware.

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