We live in a day and age where pop music can be whatever you want it to be!

Truly Anything!

You want a Baby Metal band? CHECK!

Dinosaurs that sing songs about Vegetables? PROBABLY EXISTS!

A cartoon electro hip-hop band? THE GORILLAZ! YUP! CHECK EM OUT!

How about a tune with a dark heavy acid bass-line that nearly overpowers its droning 80’s synth pop lyrics about a robot being turned on for the first time, with baby screams as breaks between the verses?? Didn’t know you wanted that, did you? Like the theme song to Terminator 2 as written by the Mall-Queen herself, Tiffany? Well here it is!! Poppy’s “Metal” is the AI / Science-Fiction / Pop-Art tribute the world needs right now.

Maybe we can thank SOPHIE for changing the game, opening up the bizarre into the bubble-gum. Or maybe this was just the inevitable course of music— that in 2018 Rock would be the most boring, predictable, generic genre and pop would take over as the sound risking the biggest chances and in the process trying to overturn whatever conventions we happen to be convening. Hip-hop has the world’s ear on lock and pop has become the underground. What a turn of events. Pop, where weird is currency and if you aren’t trying out something new you might as well give up the ghost because you’re going to be guaranteed dead on arrival without something new behind your sound. Poppy is clearly working overtime with her team at Mad Decent to find some of that newness (or strangeness) that will connect with audiences big or small, doesn’t really matter anymore, it’s all about self expression.



Poppy’s “Metal” isn’t much of a departure from her 2017 Poppy.Computer release, as a further extension of her Kraftwerk meets Spice Girl avant-garde electro-pop madness that’s so retro it’s futurist (or the other way around).

While many of the other songs on her first album tend towards more traditional pop, this is a pitch perfect follow-up to the more robotic-leaning “I’m Poppy,” which sounds like a computer program coming alive for the first time.

Production duties come from Ryosuke “Dr. R” Sakai who is also responsible for all of the major hits off her debut album. Makes you wonder who the mastermind behind this project is, doesn’t it? Are we Poppy fanboys or Dr. R heads? Or is it all coming from the geniuses at Mad Decent. Diplo, is that you? Either way, this is some of the raddest bass and weirdest pop I’ve heard from a tune in a while, so maybe its just a match made in computer heaven. Eat you heart out, Kraftwerk.


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