Prospa, a young production duo out of the UK feel like they’re throwing back to a time before they were even born. Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith came into this world in the mid-nineties, a time when UK rave anthems were cementing the genre as something more than sweaty teens rolling in warehouses.

The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” comes from 1996
Chemical Brothers dropped “Block Rockin’ Beats” in 1997
... and Fatboy Slim unleashed You’ve Come A Long Way Baby in 1998.

This is where legends were made guitars were systematically put out to slaughter.

Right in the midst of this renaissance, over in Leeds, two boys were born. And now, they’re apparently trying to bring it all back. Prospa’s “Back To The Motherland” is as close to a rave anthem as anything I’ve heard all year with some deeply funky acid bass, breakbeat drums that won’t quit and a vocal sample that feels distinctly retro, but not in any kind of derivative way. 



If Disclosure can bring garage to the masses, maybe breaks is next. Prospa might just be the men to shepard in one of my favorite sub-genres of dance music with a new fresh sheen. With acts like Skrillex and Jauz bringing breaks to the mainstage, and The Funk Hunters/Christian Martin representing the underground, the world is ready for a breakbeats superstar.  Could Prospa be the one? 

If their other singles, “Get That”, “Intended” and “Prayer” are any indication… yes. 

Annie Mac brought the duo on for her monthly mix series and featured “Prayer” as “Hottest Record in the World.”  Pete Tong dubbed them “Future Stars.” DJ Seinfeld hopped on remix duties to turn “Prayer” into an instant lofi classic of his own.  And Fatboy Slim himself booked Prospa to play his Warehouse Project night in December alongside Eats Everything and Melé.  That’s some major backing right there.

Looks like I’m not the only one who sees a bright future for these boys. 


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