There is no appropriate genre with which to define REZZ.

Sure, we music bloggers try to find something fitting by calling her heavier than all known elemental metals or dubstep adjacent or just simply in making comparisons to the Bassnectars and Gesaffelsteins of the world, but none of that is particularly fitting because Isabelle Rezazadeh is making music that is so uniquely her own that these comparisons are as vapid and empty as that excuse you made for not being able to make it out to your cousin’s birthday party (to be fair, you DID have tickets to REZZ, but she wouldn’t have understood. She never does. Rave is life. Family is whatever.). 

Technically REZZ is Bass Genre, but that classification is stupid, because most music has bass. George Harrsion played bass, but the Beatles don’t sound anything like REZZ (well maybe Helter Skelter…).

So I guess we’re going to define REZZ as REZZ and leave it at that.  This is an artist that has developed a sound that you can hear from a mile away (if the speakers are right). If you don’t already know, now is your opportunity to dig into one of the most unique and significant artists making dance music today. 



Today, we’re lucky enough to get a listen to “Kiss of Death” with Deathpact. This is another heavy, earth-shattering bass banger from the Canadian Producer.  This song gets a chef’s kiss approval, mostly because of the cartoonish kiss sound effects present throughout the song. Mad props to REZZ for finding up and coming bass producers and giving them the platform to become superstars in their own right. Deathpact has a mysterious identity that has the internet (and now us, guessing). We  don’t know much about Deathpact’s sound outside of this track, but now I’m sure we’re going to start covering all their subsequent songs on this site.

“Kiss of Death” comes from Rezz’s Beyond the Senses EP due on July 24th in both regular formats and virtual reality ones.  WHUUUU??? VR Rezz?  We’re gonna get on that now…


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