While it’s likely that nothing will ever top Riton and Kah-Lo’s first outing together, they’re clearly not going to stop trying. In no way am I complaining; I’m just stating the facts. I mean, why the hell would we want them to anyway? “Ginger” is a certifiable banger, the best one since the first imo. So why stop at peak effort?

What we’ve got here is an absolute rock solid effort from the duo (should we be calling them a duo by now? Six songs together constitutes duoship, does it not? Like a common law music marriage).  I’m merely questioning how anything could ever live up to the impossibly high bar set by “Rinse & Repeat.” Which was one of, if not THE most underrated song of the yet-unfinished aughts.

It can’t be so underrated, that even the artists don’t know the value of their own tune, right?  RIGHT?!

Oh they know baby.

They know FOR SURE.

That’s why they’re back time after time again trying capture lightning in a bottle with “Fake ID,” “Money,” “Beta Riddim,” “Fasta,” and now their SIXTH track together, “Ginger.”  While none of those other tracks quite landed for me, I’m having so much fun with this one and I think it’s a step in the right me-wanting-to-listen-to-over- and-over direction that didn’t quite get to with anything but Rinse & Repeat.  But now that i have two earworm jems that I can’t get out of my head, I’m beginning to think I was wrong for skipping over the middle of their catalogue. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to make a playlist and listen to every one of these jams over and over and over again… or [on repeat.]



This bubbly, bouncing, future funk electro jam is bound to get any dancefloor hype.  As soon as you hear that first bass beat, you’ll see people all around you drop whatever they were doing and break into classic rave shuffle for the next two and a half minutes. These two may have a formula going, but it’s one that cracks off and we should be so lucky as to have a pop star and rave producer find this much love in the studio with every outing.

So what should this duo be officially named? I’m voting for Lotion— which is likely the best portmanteau of Kah-lo and Riton that anybody will ever come up with. If you think of something better hit me, Riton and Kah-Lo up on twitter and offer your suggestion of what their common law duo should be named.


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