Once upon a time I worked for a small promoter in some [REDACTED] city. Up and coming bands played through all the time, but I never thought much of it as it was part of the job for me and most of them were just there to do theirs. Long before Rüfüs were the darlings that they are now--years before “Innerbloom”--these guys played our venue and were just about the nicest blokes you could ever imagine, trying out new material and earnestly hoping it would stick with audiences in America. This was all majorly compounded by the fact that the band they had opening for them were the biggest pricks this side of PornHub. I won’t name names because I’m not petty like that, but I have harbored nothing but resentment for the openers ever since and wished for nothing but the best for the guys in Rüfüs Du Sol.

It just goes to show that a smile goes a mile.

Well that and amazing songwriting, a transcendent sound, and a scene that was sick of big drops and ready for this kind of mellow, groovier act to come in and take over. Maybe if it had been other way around and I was assigned a song by a band who didn’t deserve every single ounce of success they’d been blessed with, I’d be cursing them out in the body of this very article. But no, I get to be happy instead!

Five star reviews for five star dudes.



Fast-forward to 2018-- nobody has ever heard of the openers-- and Rüfüs are maybe the most significant big-room ethereal dance-pop act of out generation. While that might seem like an incredibly niche category to group this Sydney trio in, it’s only because they’re so effectively carving that niche out for themselves with each amazing new release. When your music sounds nothing like anything else out there we, as music bloggers, have to make up new genre combinations to feel better about it. A little bit house, a little bit alternative, with beautiful subdued bass running underneath -- Rüfüs are absolutely in a league of their own.

It feels like when U2 skyrocketed themselves from being just another Alternative Rock band into a genre all by themselves. I’m not saying that Rüfüs are the U2 of dance music. Well shit, maybe I am. But like as a good thing. Like they deserve to sell out stadiums for the next thirty years. Between “No Place” and now “Underwater” the first two singles off of an unannounced new album (based on the consistency of the two singles’ artwork-- three hooded gentlemen walking through the desert-- it’s got to be new album time), the band might just be headed straight toward their Joshua Tree phase. International superstardom, here they come!!

“Underwater” is an absolute beauty that fits so perfectly in the oeuvre of the band. If you like this one then make sure to go ahead and listen to every other song they have. They’re all good! If you don’t-- well then I’m sorry I can’t help you. I have no understanding of your taste and maybe we’re just not destined to be friends.

Come October Rüfüs Du Sol are headed out on tour of America, coming to a city (hopefully) near you. Don’t miss it. They’re scheduled to play San Diego on Halloween and I’d really appreciate it if someone bought me a ticket so I could go. I tried to hit them up about getting on the guestlist but I don’t think they remember who I am.


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