Okay, I definitely read this song maybe a bit wrong at first. When SAINt JHN was calling himself “McDonalds Rich,” I thought it meant like Dollar Menunaire style. Like, at McDonald's how I FEEL rich because I can afford to buy fifteen items and eat them all back at my house ‘like a king.’

Now, after giving this one another listen I’m beginning to think that I was maybe way off on that one, and the “McDonalds Rich” in question is actually discussing the untold millions of founder and probably trillionaire Ray Croc. Like, I’m so rich that I don’t even need to think about eating McDonalds, that shit is for francising only. Truth be told I think that SAINt JHN is possibly exaggerating his net worth a bit and is closer to somewhere in between the two. 

I think this just goes to show you where I’m at in my life right now. Scarfing down two double cheeseburgers, while I try to reach my deadline for this post.

But honestly, maybe all of this money dichotomy conversation is why this one works so well? Because you can read it both ways. Are you in fact rich? Got mad cash flowing in and you want to show it off? Then, yes you are, in fact, McDonald's rich. Are you poor as hell and a night out that makes you feel good about being alive involves forty chicken nuggets and an XL Sprite? Well then you’re McDonald's rich too. See, everybody is getting something out of this one. Except maybe the middle class. But they haven’t paid much attention to McDonald's since that Super Size Me documentary told the world it was bad for them.



This song has got a grunge-grime beat that sounds like it could have just as well been Flying Lotus’s original theme music to Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone tv series (coming soon to CBS Digital). Had SAINt JHN not got to it first, of course, hopping on the track with a verse about being richer than I’ll ever be. This is some inspired production from long-time collaborator and fellow GØDD COMPLEXx member f a l l e n.

SAINt JHN, the Guyanese-born, Brooklyn-based rapper, has an energetic commitment on this one. He’s got that trill shit down pat, and anybody here for his Collection One release earlier this year is certainly back for this one. This song is the kind of hype that you’re bound to hear blasting out of car speakers in the drive-thru for the rest of the year. 

If there isn’t a fan-made music video movement of people bumping this while eating Big Macs, then I don’t know the internet.

“McDonalds Rich” is the first track off of SAINt JHN’s Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs for Christians, which might be the best album name I’ve heard all year. Keep it up Ghetto Lenny, you’re about to get even McDonalds richer.


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