AC Newman of Canadian Indie Rock legends The New Pornographers took to twitter the other day to express that “musically, hip-hop is SO far ahead of all other music. It’s indisputable.” He then went on to make fun of himself for being a “super white guy” and how “painfully obvious this point is.” Which I will now take as double mockery upon myself for being so super white that I have to use AC Newman as a benchmark with which to compliment hip-hop from. Okay, here goes:

With stars like Vince Staples, Post Malone and Brockhampton running the scene right now (LOOK TO COACHELLA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD), theres so much new, interesting and challenging shit going on in hip-hop culture that young artists have no idea where to look, what to do, who to respect or how to be. I mean that’s a lot of questions! AND ZERO ANSWERS. That’s cause there’s no rules anymore babies, it’s all about innovation! I guess just make your own shit and you’ll shine, right? That’s what’s going on here. I MEAN KENDRICK JUST WON A FUCKING PULITZER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

And somewhere in the middle all of that magic is where SAINt JHN comes in. Hailing out of Brooklyn, New York, SAINt JHN's muted trap beats take his one-of-a-kind flow between soulful crooning, mumble rap and a more traditional rhyme flow. I wouldn’t have any clue how to categorize this sound or who else to loop him in with in the game so I won’t even try. But it’s sure as shit got innovation— and that’s pretty much all we’re looking for what over here at We Are: The Guard. 

What’s new? Whats fresh? This, that’s what. Take a Listen.



Does anyone else find it strange that he’s on about Traci Lords, a porn star who broke into the adult industry when she was underage, essentially causing tens of thousands of people across the globe to inadvertently break the law by watching her? Only me? Maybe SAINt JHN doesn’t know anything about this and never did the research, just picked a random porn stars name out of hat when naming this track and I shouldn’t read anything into this and the real problem is that I know this fact at all and shut up Kurt that was thirty years ago before SAINt JHN was even born. Yeah, that’s it. Ignore the history, run with the jam.

Check SAINt JHN on the NOT A CULt TOUR coming to a city near you. Or to one three states away. Hell, by this time next year he’s likely to be second line on the Coachella lineup so you should probably take that five hour drive before you can’t afford his tickets no more.

I promise it will be worth it.


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