The question I must ask myself when crafting this post is who will this song appeal to more:  Saint Punk stans or Matt McFAndrews? [This is what fans of the season 7 runner-up on NBC’s The Voice, Matt McAndrew call themselves-- I will also see myself out]. When in the sharpest vision of reality, this is THE most perfect matchup of the year. Borg vs McEnroe levels. Where vocalist and producer come together to craft something leaps and bounds beyond any of their individual outputs (so far). This is the clear emergence of talents from some lesser quadrant of the entertainment internet right into major playerhood.



McAndrew’s voice hangs right on the edge of a full hardcore howl, without delving committed fully into the scream he seems desperate to release. This energy always lends itself nicely to a heavy sound (as deftly proven by his  releases with Sacramento rock band Slaves). So when McAndrew pairs his emotive exclamation with some hyphy bass-house electro-- well we’ve got the kind of track on our hands that can push every EDM raver and Rock and Roller together in agreement. “This rules.”

Armada knows it too. The traditionally trance-oriented label isn’t one to sign songs that aren’t destined to become massive EDM bangers. It’s just a shame that there’s no festival season in front us to hear this song get played out, rattling brains right out of skulls.

Quarantine is no time to shut down and only listen to depressing music.  We need the full range of emotions even though we’re trapped in our bedrooms.  Saint Punk’s “Warning” is exactly that-- a little bit of anger, but also a huge rager. Not your average quarantune, but maybe we need that right now. 


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