While there certainly are a number of artists out there who seem to be perfectly suitable at this gig, making ethereally catchy ambient-pop songs full of genuine emotions ain’t no easy task. How there are so many who seem to be able to capture what it feels like to be alive in the age of millennial malaise is proof that we’re living in the single greatest moment in the history of music. 

Shallou joins the ranks of indie-electronic superstardom with his new Magical Thinking EP.  “Forget,” is the lead-off single with an airy opening and funky break (hints of Daft Punk if you ask us, and I know you did (okay, at least Oliver, fine, you happy?)) that ought to make just about every producer working this corner of the dance-music market seethe with jealousy. 

It’s big, it’s got a basic understanding of the feels squared away and ready to unleash on the unsuspecting public, and it manages about three and a half turns in the span of two and a half minutes. Too short if you ask me, but in our lightning quick smart phone attention span, maybe that’s right on the money.

If this isn’t the future of pop songwriting right here, then I don’t know anything.



The EP sees a major-label release for LA-based Joe Boston, his first on Island Records. “Fading,” the third track (featuring what I can only assume is shallou himself on vocals) currently plays in rotation on SiriusXM Chill and is terminally catchy, but it’s the production behind “Forget” that has us at We Are: The Guard losing our minds. When the track kicks in with salt-shaker drums and funk bass line I can tell we’re seeing the normally ambient-only producer stepping out of his comfort zone and levelling up to something the whole world is going to be desperate to hear.

April-May-June will see shallou on his Magical Thinking tour across most of America. After listening to this EP on repeat, I just purchased a couple of tickets for myself. Why don’t you follow suit?