I’m Still Here. Yeah, of course Sia is still here. Where would she even go? Off to permanently work with Diplo on their LSD side project? I haven’t even listened to it yet? Is it good? What’s your take? Or is she just hiding behind other artists that she writes songs for? *cough Dolly Parton cough*

I have no clue what her fans would even do if she didn’t return to her illustrious solo career. Cry probably. Actually, scratch that. Most definitely. Good thing that’s not at stake. While we haven’t had any new Sia music since wayyyy back in November 2017 (which is more-or-less forever in today’s standards), we’ve never for a second considered that the wigged wonder wouldn’t be back with something new, powerful and transcendent. And LO AND BEHOLD, here it is. Hmmm… now I’m really starting to doubt my own doubts about what this song is even about. Okay, lets give this one another serious listen.



Turns out this track isn’t about the return to her solo career. Like, at all. Rather, what we have here is a triumphant song dealing with adversity, powering forward, keeping up the good fight, charging on the face of trauma, losing the battle, but winning the war. The intensity and scope of this track is so dark and uplifting in a way that could only be described as cautiously optimistic. “I’m Still Here” makes you believe that you too can push through any darkness, and achieve absolutely anything you put your mind to (setbacks and trauma be damned). I really wish I didn’t start off this post with a stupid take on the lapse in Sia’s career and rather an earnest one about Sia’s poise, strength and tenacity. But with a double entendre as on the money as “I’m Still Here” I guess we’ll all be left wondering if it can’t be a bit of both. Oh well, that’s what you get with “hot takes.” 

May this song be the battle cry for anyone overcoming pain. Anyone who feels lost in this world and needs a voice in the void telling them to be strong. Sia is coming in fierce, kicking down the door and taking her life back. May her hope give you hope.

Sia’s “I’m Still Here” will feature in At The Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, the upcoming HBO Documentary about the Olympics sexual-abuse scandal. That is going to be a heavy one, and this heavy song is perfect accompaniment. It’s sure making me feel some kind of fury. Come on dudes, treat other people the way you want to be treated.

Sia, per usual, continues to be a national treasure.


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