While amateurish dance rock production may lay underneath, it’s Neil Fridd’s stunning indie-emo songwriting that shines brightly here. Terror Pigeon! has lived many years making music as punk rock as you possibly can. In basements and garages and on laptops in bedrooms and minivans. It's rather refreshing to not hear crystal clear mixing and mastering, but rather real music with real emotions coming out of real computers.  This is punk rock people, who said it had to be perfect? 



This song is as perfectly complete, as real, as any feeling you can begin to wrap your head around. Though you may not understand completely, it’s simply about the FEELING of it. While it may be challenging for many of us to express ourselves in those trying times, this is something that Terror Pigeon! manages to do effervescently. “Arms” is a track about losing someone you love in a sudden and horrible way and I can absolutely feel that pain on display here. In the music and the lyrics and the whole damn package. I had the extreme fortune to open for this band many years ago (back when they were called Terror Pigeon! Dance Revolt) and damn does this band know how to share these feelings and emotions with their audience. I’d love a chance to see them come through my town again, in some basement on garage, but this time being able to cry and scream along with “Arms.” That’s the kind of catharsis a song like this is written for.

youtubeBuy their third full length, We Will Never Run Out of Love, on BandCamp and give to some musicians who could actually use your $$$ for once. While you’re at it, make sure to check out their first album, I love you! I love you! I love you and I'm in love with you! Have an awesome day! Have the best day of your life! — an unheralded masterpiece.

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