My favorite part about writing for We Are: The Guard has got to be how goth our readers are.  Y’all love this electro-tinged emo goth synthwave energy, with dark brooding vocals and moody tones. Don’t get me wrong, I do too. But sometimes it feels like I’m the only one. It’s nice to know we’re not on this journey alone.

TR/ST feels like the kind of act you’d normally listen to alone.  In your headphones, riding the bus, scowling at every person you come across, knowing how infinitely bleak the world is other than the salvation of music.  Truth is, life is too short to be this morose all the time, but that’s why it’s awesome to have an artist like TR/ST that writes about what it feels like on your worst days.  “Iris” is a powerful tune for the jilted generation. 



This song is quite dreary, with pop-tinges, ferocious drums, and powerful singing that should be able to carry us through the dark times.  “Iris” is the lead single off of Destroyer—2, out on November 2nd from Grouch (House Arrest).  As track #2, I’m sure it carries quite a punch in the full play, and we’re dying to hear the other tracks on the record.  TR/ST are taking these new eights songs (of which this is the first) and the original batch from Destroyer—1 out on the road in October and November.  If you want to see possibly the best modern day version of Cure, in a small, dark and intimate venue, then get yourself to one of the cities to see Robert Alfons perform his sensually haunting original tunes live.


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