If you’re already down with the Valentino Khan and/or Wuki sound, then the news of them teaming up for a track has probably got to be very very exciting for you. That being said, this isn’t the first time that two monster producers have worked together. Check out 2017’s “Bullseye” with Anna Lunoe for more.  But we’re here to talk about “Better,” which bangs just as hard as any track from either of their legendary solo outputs. Both Khan and Wuki started their careers off in the realm of trap (which you can hear much more clearly on their first offering).  But now, they’ve clearly pivoted to bass-house, crafting the kind of sound that belongs on pretty much any rave stage out there right now. If you’re playing a house set or bass set, doesn’t matter, “Better” is the perfect tool for a better set.



Roxanna handles braggadocio duties for the trio, repeating that she is (and they by proxy are) the best bitch…. and fuck them other bitches. I don’t know them personally, so I don’t know if that’s true or not, but sometimes claiming big things leads to those to big things manifesting in real life. This is the secret behind The Secret. 

When the drop comes in, “Better” turns from bitch anthem to shuffler anthem, with the kind of popping bounciness that should have any good raver jumping around in glee. This song is fun as hell and sure to pop off every single time it’s played this summer (of which I expect to be many). Will it have the staying power of Khan’s “Deep Down Low?”  We’ll have to wait and see.

Valentino Khan, Wuki and Roxanna drop this banger on papa Diplo’s Mad Decent label.  Give it a download on Beatport and mix it in next time you’re playing tunes for the homies.  I’m sure it’ll pop off. If you happen to shuffle AND be a bitch, may you play this one out so much that your friends get annoyed and stop talking to you!

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