Okay, so the other day I was hanging out on the couch with my dog straight chilling and I was like “i want to put on some music that fits this chill-ass vibe” and my dog was like “I don’t understand language bro, I’m a dog” and I was like “oh yeah sorry.” So then I stopped talking and started scrolling to look for something worth listening to. First I went too We Are: The Guard (obviously) and there were some dope ass tunes for sure but they were all pretty hype and nothing was striking the mood I was looking for. A big old list of indie pop bangers that made me want to get up and dance, but I wasn’t in the mood to dance. I was in lounge mode baby, and I wanted to stay that way— maybe tap my toes a little, definitely bob my head a bunch. Vibey yo. Then i switched over to Soundcloud and I was like “what the fuck is this noise, I don’t know what any of these songs are… I don’t wanna just play Russian Roulette and hope I get a good one” so I closed the app and was like “they should really make a website that curates this for people” and then my dog was like “you mean like We Are: The Guard?” and I was like “damn dude good call” and he was like “you know what we should listen to?” and I was like “what?” and he was like “Vancouver Sleep Clinic.” 


Now I’d never heard of VSC before, but my dog is definitely hipper than your average Border-Collie so I know when i should listen to his recommendations. I clicked on over and deep-dove into EXACTLY the mood I was looking for. Like look, yo— I want to think, but I don’t want to move. I want to feel, but I don’t want to feel too much. Like terminally chill. Like sure you’re terminal but you’re also mega chill about it. Vancouver Sleep Clinic is like a Make-A-Wish Kid’s dream to become a bomb ass ambient hip-hop producer who is so good at seeming like he doesn’t give a fuck that it comes back around the other side to genuine and considered.



While all of his tracks are amazing, “Trippin” is an absolute gem of a standout. The kind that fits a mood so perfectly that you just wanna post up and share with the homies when the time is right. Late night coming home from the club, Wednesday night Indica Haze, driving around the city alone at 3AM— it’s got layers. Chill to the bone like a cold winters night but then we get this mellow-ass verse from IDK and the song changes. IDK takes “Trippin” to another level because now I’m hype. Now I’m getting off the couch and writing a blog post about it to share with the world. Now I’m like VANCOUVER SLEEP CLINIC AND IDK ARE GODS AND MERE MORTALS DON'T DESERVE MUSIC THIS EFFERVESCENT. Woah.