With Halloween on our heels, it would be hard to ignore MXMS’ music video for their recently released track “Death Row.” Here, the duo manages to bridge together their take on industrial music with mainstream pop imagery, making it one of their most accessible sounds to date.

Just a week ago MXMS best known for their dark take on pop, debuted their single “Death Row.” The industrialized ballad, as per the band, is “the account of a crazy young female drug addict who is completely fearless of death and runs wild and free in the madness of her self-created delusional world.” Jeremy and Ariel draw from what sounds to be real-life material … some listeners could perhaps even think it’s about one of their close acquaintances. With visuals to aid their account of such female, viewers quickly realize that this tale is far more ghoulish than what they expected.


Directed by Felicity Jayn Heath (Rihanna, Steve Aoki), and shot by Jeff Berlin, the video takes inspiration from high-end fashion and the unrealistic expectations of a toxic relationship that Horror film set designer Sean Forrester brings to life. The bright colors and posh look of Ariel contrast the ominous tone and the clear signs of death approaching. Eventually, something terrifying does happen, but you’ll have to watch to the end to find out.

You can find more MXMS material to play at your Halloween bash here


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