“Be Like You” is some damn-fine, sexy-as-hell, down-low bass music.

Okay, great! What more do you even need to hear? That doesn’t sell you? Jeez tough customer.

Well, how about If I told you it was a collab from one of the hottest electronic producers on the come up and our absolute favorite New Zealand dark indie-pop duos? Whethan and Broods is the kind of match-up you root for in Underground Dance Fantasy League where you have to draft artists that have under 200,000 Soundcloud followers and pray for them to make the kind of moves that send your team up into the professional league of festival headliners and Coachella evening slots. If this isn’t March Madness, I don’t know what is. Actually can some developer contact us about this idea? It’s totally copyrighted already… DONT STEAL IT.



After releases with Flux Pavilion, Louis the Child and Dua Lipa, Whethan follows up with “Be Like You,” an immediate stand-out hit for the 18 year old. This time last year Ethan Snoreck had to take a break from touring with The Chainsmokers to attend his high school graduation— so basically this game-changing future bass producer is living every single on of his peers’ dreams. I mean my friend Tyler says he’s his favorite thing in dance music right now and my friend Tyler is to be trusted in regards to taste, so I guess we should collectively listen, right? I mean you don’t know Tyler, you only know me (and you don’t even know me), so what are you going to do about it? I mean music, is opinion based, isn’t it? Make your own judgment!

My only problem with this song is that it’s only 2 minutes and 41 seconds. I mean, what’s up with short songs now-a-days? Is Gucci Gang really changing the game that much? Am I just old?


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