You’re having a tough day.  We know what it’s like: woke up on the wrong side of the bed, coffee won’t brew, and you’re running late to work only to find out that you left the light on in your car last night and now the battery is completely and totally dead. So you take a $40 uber to work just to get scolded by your boss and have your coworkers tell you that you look terrible, without even asking if you’re okay.  It’s one of those days where you need a major pick me up.

Okay, so pop “The Greatest” by Whipped Cream and LICK into your earbuds, lock the bathroom door and let this dark, moody, dubstep track bring you back to center.  Because the truth is-- and Whipped Cream and LICK already know this-- you’re the greatest. 

This track might just be the darkest pick me up since coffee was first invented.



Whipped Cream and LICK have crafted a midtempo tribal bass heater with “The Greatest.” Sure, they’ve both been building steam on their own, with Whipped Cream epicly closing out the Circuit Grounds at EDC this year and LICK building all kinds of buzz at summer festivals, but this collab, out now on Deadbeats, is surefire to push these two even further up the DJ charts. 

If I were mixing this one I’d go straight into label bosses Zed’s Dead’s “Coffee Break” to A. really hit home this coffee theme I’ve got brewing, but also B. give the people a double dose of heavy bass positivity vibes. “The Greatest” is the feel-good anthem of the year, even if the dark bass running throughout doesn’t feel particularly “good.” Just sing along right before the bass hits and remind yourself of an inherent truth-- that you, me, us, them-- are all the greatest.  I’m sure it’ll turn your day around. 


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