Funky, alternative, soul is what I want to call this, but that feels like a completely inaccurate representation of what “The Spot” actually sounds like, after seeing it written out like that. Your Smith can’t be categorized off this one track alone, that’s not fair. It’s got elements of style but nothing concrete enough to hold it down. Best I can do is the following blurb: Your Smith is a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice that has crafted an amazing song (she only has the one right now) with bits of funk, alternative, and soul that all work together to form something…else. Something better. Something worth blogging about.

Sure, it’s got funk to it but that’s probably only because of the grooving bass line and tropical drums. Sure, it’s alternative but that’s only because it sounds majorly influenced by the nineties Lilith Fair alterna-rock acts whose hits are still around to this day. What this sounds oddly like, I can’t quite place, but singer Catherine Smith’s sing-songy spoken-word voice reminds me of something…. Hmmmm… All I wanna do is have some fun and figure this out. And sure, it’s got soul, but don’t we all? There is a soul in each and every one of us. It’s just the raw, expression of emotion, the heartfelt feeling of truth that makes it come out. Maybe Your Smith is just a bit better at expressing it that the rest of us.



“The Spot” has got a whole lot of amazing, that’s for certain. This is the kind of jam that sticks in your head for a long time after you listen. One that deserves to be everywhere and with the right kind of push, just might be. This might be the only song from Your Smith that we’ve gotten our hands on so far, but there’s definitely some history here. Caroline comes from Caroline Smith and the Good Sleeps out of Minneapolis, Minnesota who have a bit more of an indie-folk sensibility than what we’ve got here. The band has full length releases out in 2008, 2011 and 2013 so if you like what you hear hop onto the old Spotify time machine and give them a listen. I guess what I’m saying is this ain’t your average new artist release. This is one who already had some major credit and capitalized on it. Getting a haircut and going solo, the American Dream.

Tracks from the forthcoming EP are produced by the same people who made magic for BØRNS, Gallant, AlunaGeorge and The Internet, which is like a holy trinity of people who know what the hell they’re doing in the studio. Your Smith’s debut EP will be released on Pulse Recordings and Neon Gold Records sometime in 2018, which is anywhere between one day and five months. Can’t wait!


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